Help! I did a factory reset on my android phone but the "unfortunately, the app has stopped'' still appears.Any solutions?thanks

Help! I did a factory reset on my android phone but the "unfortunately, the app has stopped’’ still appears.Any solutions?thanks

  1. Do you have a Fairphone? Otherwise it’s probably better to find a forum for your phone or a general android forum.

  2. Is it just the one app? Which app is it? How did you restore/reinstall the app?

the application is fingerprint unlock

So did you reinstall the app or restore it from a backup?

I didn’t. When i open my phone after the factory setting, the “unfortunately, the fingerprint has stopped” still appears. I’m stuck, i can’t even go to menu page

With factory reset do you mean a hard reset?

yap. I think they are the same?

Well you have a factory data reset (which you do through the phone’s settings).
And there is a hard reset, which you perform using the phone’s recovery mode.

Okay.Sorry about that…I used the wrong term. What i did was hard reset not factory data reset.

Alright then the last question I can think off is the same as @paulakreuzer’s.

Nope, I didn’t reinstall or restore it from backup. That’s why I’m wondering why it still appears, cause the downloaded apps should be deleted right?

The Fairphone 1 doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, so no wonder the app is crashing.

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Yes, very strange that it is not deleted completely. Maybe the app somehow corrupted the software?
Perhaps you could try manually installing a Fairphone OS update to see if that makes a difference?
Otherwise the options look grim and the phone might need to get flashed.

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Okay, i’ll try that one…thanks a lot:)