Help!_FP4 users using Oruxmaps


Hello everyone,

I would like to find a FP4 user that is using Oruxmaps app.
A friend suggested me to download that app to follow a circuit in Pyrenees and I have downloaded it on my FP4.

But when looking for the folder to introduce the map, We are unable to find the place in my FP4…

He uses another phone and he finds easily the folder of maps in his phone…I do not find it in my phone…

Anyone there that could help me with this?
Thank you very much!


I’m not sure I understand your problem 100% but it sounds a bit like this part of the manual

App storage.
Here there is an important change. Since this version OruxMaps is FORCED (it is not its own decision) by Android to use the private folders of the app, it can NO LONGER directly use the root of the internal storage or an SD card.
If you update from a previous version of OruxMaps, the app gives you the option not to migrate the data to the app’s private folders, so you can use the previous system.
If the phone has an Android version lower than Android 10, the previous storage system is also still used.
BUT if this version is installed for the first time, the app is FORCED to use the private storage folders in the path Android/data/com.orux.oruxmapsDonate/files/oruxmaps/ and save everything there.

See page 6 of the manual for version 9 of the App.


Thank you Ingo!

I will see if I can manage alone. If not, I will meet my friend who uses Oruxmaps since long ago (that is why he has not “my” problem) next Monday.

Thank you very much for your help!

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