HELP - FP2 Frozen

I inadvertently depressed, I think the on/off button whilst picking up my phone this morning & the screen looked as if it was goign to reboot/restart but it has stayed frozen in that screen (Fairphone Change is in Your Hands screen) with a blue light in the upper corner.

Is this one when you just have to take the battery out for a moment & reinput? I’ve tried holding down the power button to see if I could kick start it into action but to no avail.

WIll be very grateful for any help! Thanks you!

You might need to hold the power button longer – it takes like 12 seconds until it forces a reboot.

What you ended up in is called the “fastboot mode” (the blue LED is a clear sign for that) which is triggered when you keep holding the combination of the POWER (on/off) and VOLUME DOWN buttons.


Thanks SO much for swift response - gratefully appreciated :smiley:


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