Help! Can I briefly borrow your FP4 to make backup of my broken FP4? (in the Netherlands)

My Fairphone’s touchscreen became unresponsive yesterday. If I send it in for repairs, Fairphone will delete all my data. However, due to the problem I cannot make a backup before sending it! The data on it is very valuable to me.

Is there someone so friendly to lend me his/her Fairphone4? Then I can temporarily attach your screen to my Fairphone, and make the necessary backups. I am willing to visit you and do this while you are watching, for example in your home or central spot. I live near the center of the Netherlands (around Utrecht).

Welcome to the community. :wave:

While I’m not in the Netherlands, one more suggestion: You can control the screen user interface also with an OTG adapter to connect a USB computer mouse to your FP4.


I have a spare display for a Fairphone 4. You could use that to try to make a backup.
If you can come to Tilburg, just send me a PM to set a date.


Smart idea ! However, the USB port is also malfunctioning. But I can give it a try!

Thank you so much for your offer - you are truly a “Fairphone Angel”! I’ll let you know if urs_lesse’s solution doesn’t work.

Do you want to send the phone in because of the warranty? If it is not a warranty case and the OTG cable works, you could just buy a new screen. Or ask Fairphone if it is okay to send in the faulty screen for a new one.

My FP2 had an unresponsive screen after I dropped it. It worked fine with OTG cable and mouse. As it wasn’t a warranty case anyway, I bought a new screen and changed it myself. I hope it is as easy with your phone.

I just bought a OTG cable. Have you already been able in making a backup?

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No not, yet, I’ll be contacting you !

Thanks for thinking along ! It is a warranty case. So I’ll first try the option with Lidwien.

(It is not clear to me how to send a PM on this platform.)
I would like to make an appointment with you, can you send me a PM to schedule it?
Thanks again, @Lidwien!


Tap on my icon or name and then tap on message.

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If I do that I see the following, but no “message” button:

I guess that’s because you are quite new to the community. You need to have a higher trust level, before you can write personal messages.


My mistake, it’s indeed a matter of the trust level.
I have sent you a message.


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