[help] Buying Second-hand FP2 🇫🇷 🇬🇧

Hi; i am about to buy a second-hand FP2;

i need to know about “what i have to ask” (i already asked for the IMEI) and
“what is necessary to wright in the receipt/bill from the seller”
(because i need a right receipt/bill for register the FP2 and also for insurance after the buy).

can anybody help me and/or give me some informations please?
thanks a lot and sorry for my bad English because i’m French.


Welcome to our forum. No doubt you have already found this resource: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/purchase-disclaimer/47160
You don’t say whether intended FP2 has any remaining Fairphone warranty left or not; if so you need to know seller’s original Fairphone order number and ask him/her to inform Fairphone support https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us that you are the new owner. Be aware for example in UK where FP2 sourced from Phone Co-op not Fairphone themselves original Phone Co-op receipt required for warranty work.

Slightly confused by need to register FP2, is this with Fairphone or authorities to tie SIM to IMEI? I do wonder about insurance as quite often mobile repair companies used by insurer have no knowledge of Fairphone devices and usually write off as repair not viable.

I would try to ensure that your purchase is one of the later models (left picture of two in link by paulakreuzer) as SIM pins in holder much more robust.https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp2-microsim-adapter-broke-sim-card-slot-pin/12225

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Make sure that you get a picture of the phone showing the date on the screen.
Not the date of months ago, but the date of today or yesterday.
It is easy to check if an imei number is a number of a Fairphone. Search for ‘imei number check’ in your browser.
And sadly, I have to warn you that we have seen fraudulent attempts, even at this forum.

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Hello @aspergerguy and @Lidwien thanks a lot for those answers.
the seller gave me many informations:
IMEI 1 / IMEI 2 / SKU / Made On date / Assembly date / Assembly Number / Serial Numbers.
and she told me that “the primary microphone must be dismantled and reassembled according to the diagnose of Fairphone technical service”.

I did some search on the web about IMEI but founds nothing;
should i post all those informations here ?

Please forward this information to me personally.
Click on my name and then on message.


okay i’ll do it now thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hello again; i did more researches on the web and i found those IMEI checker:

those 3 webside said “this FP2 is clean”; should i trust em ? are those website usefull ?

I hope that you have deducted cost of possible replacement module and shipping cost from Fairphone from seller’s price, should dismantling and re-assembly not be sufficient.

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hey :slight_smile:
thank you for this advise, yeah i thinked about all of that;
the price she want for this FP2 is really cheap (45€);
she said she used it from many years only with Android without touching anythin, and now she buyed an FP3;

i may have to change: the primary microphone/bottom module;
then buy a slim case and probably buy a second battery for more autonomy.

i regulary “play” with Flash zero of informatics objects, and i “assemble” computers for fun since many years ago, that’s another reason about why i choose Fairphone,

i like so much to do those things by myself; if i can i wish i could work on informatics or electronics job :smiley:

At that price probably worth it for a “working screen”. Hope you enjoy your FP2 with the advantage of a wide choice of operating systems available:

Fairphone OS

Fairphone Open OS

Lineage OS (With or without Google services)

Sailfish OS

Ubuntu Touch (with or without Anbox)

/e/ OS


Did she already showed you a photo of the phone with the display showing the date?

hi, not yet (i answered you in private).


haha you’re accurate thank you, i was just searching “OpenOS vs UBport” on the web these days, and i just found that LineageOS =D

i am trying to get out the GAFAM, because they too evil (and i am about to achieve my goal ^^)
First: i’m not on any “social-media” since years; i was here before them, still alive without em’ and IRC+Forums is enough
(and i lovely remember that old good times when trolls where not allowed to disturb everything for free)

Then i use Protonmail (instead of Gmail), Telegram (for communicate privately and safely), Brave navigator (no dirty ads anymore), PreSearch (accurate as g00gle but really private).
i am also making my own invasive add’s filter with PiHole (on my Raspberry Pi).

the last two of “them” i ain’t found any replacement for are Y0utube for videos and Micro$oft Windows10 for gaming.

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I use K9-mail , Signal, Fennic and Osmand


wah, i know Kmail, but not K9-mail; and never eared about them; are they in your country based ? Open-Source ? i’m curious haha
(i think you are a Linux user am i right ? wich distro do you use ?)

i will notice these names and do some research about it;
because the more non-GAFAM solution i know, the more safe i can be =D

Sorry, it’s K-9 Mail. I downloaded it from F-Droid.
I always start looking for an app on F-Droid first.

Yes, I am on Linux. Fedora 30. Need to upgrade to 31 at least. At home I prefer a desktop, it’s better for my working posture.
Only on holiday I use a laptop. It’s on Xubuntu now. I had a problem with the wifi on Fedora.

Did you ever hear from Boinc?
BOINC is an open-source software platform for computing using volunteered resources.
I am running for World Wide Grid, mostly on OpenPandemics - COVID-19.


There is NewPipe or SkyTube from F-Droid to watch YouTube videos directly from phone. Quite handy.

For eMail I also suggest FairEmail which offers encryption with PGP and S-MIME (check out e-mail certificates from CAcert, in case) or pEp based on K-9 mail with similar capabilities.

Like @Lidwien I also suggest to search on F-Droid first.

For OS, I personally like LineageOS (just plain, without Google framework, but I understand it’s sometimes difficult), or /e/ OS which is a fork of LineageOS with - as they claim - many deactivated Google calls but they include microG to replace the Google framework with open source rewritten code. According to e.foundation it’s made for an easy-to-use OS without using Google.

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nice, i should keep an eye on BOINC.
for myself i work with Debian for my server and my projects; i also use Windows10 on my main computer because of gaming ^^

@Amber hi, F-Droid looks usefull, maybe i should use it when i have my FP2-with-non-g00gle-OS-installed. :grin::ok_hand:

btw i should stop with full of many questions in this topic,
i have to search a bit by myself , because i want to compare all of those FP2 Systems.
i will create another topic in a more-accurate section of the forum :slight_smile:

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oookay, i just receive an answer from the team;
they said my FP2 does not appears stolen \o/

now i can focus on buy part for my FP2 and some other things;
thanks y’all for all answers, see you soon :smiley:

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