Help a technologically challenged person out!

Does anyone know a secure keyboard app service that can be used with /e/ os? I’m an ex iphone user so i’m used to everything being safe from malware (i think) and also really easy to use. I need to be able to input Japanese and I like the romaji to Japanese keyboard as its much faster for me. I want to also be able to use my dashlane (password manager)to autofill so I assume it would need to firstly have that capability and also be a trusted app with no keyboard loggers or the potential for keyboard loggers. Also if you haven’t noticed, i don’t really know the slightest thing about technology and may well be talking a load of rubbish, help! (P.s. if the interface could be as near to an iphone one that would definitely help my transition)

Or is there a way to install one directly on the OS like with iphone?

Sorry I don’t know the answer.
But did you also ask on the /e/ forum as I know there are some users using Asian languages on their phones?


That probably would have been sensible… I didn’t realise there was an /e/ forum! I have another question about microG misbehaving and an app not working so better to head over there! Thanks :slight_smile:


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