Heat and performance issues


So, my fairphone usually gets hot when I use any kind of app for a specific timeframe. The more performance-hungry the app, the quicker it gets hot. But it always happens, even when just browsing the web or checking facebook.
With increasing temperature, of course the performance starts to drop at some point.
the heat centre seems to be located right above the battery and sim cards.

What are your experiences? The interesting thing in my case is that my former smartphone, the samsung galaxy note 2, didn’t ever get that hot using the same apps. For example, Im playing sim city on my fairphone. After maybe 5-10 minutes, the back gets really hot in the described location and I already register performance drops. However, the note 2 released in 2012, and the hardware of the fairphone 2 is, to my understanding, better than that of the note 2. So I have the feeling that somethings not right with my device.
Can someone give me some advice how to deal with it?
Btw. I just ordered a new sim card because it seems my old one (4 years old) produced some issues on the fairphone 2. While Im waiting for my new one, I put the old one into slot 2 and pretty much all the problems I had before (crashes, spontaneous reboots etc.) disappeared. But still the performance problems remain. So, hopefully the new sim card will help here, but in case it won’t, has anyone else faced similar issues and has somehow managed to cope with it?


no one sharing these problems?=


I’ve been having the same problem. I find that the phone generally gets lett hot when I keep it in battery saving mode, but still it happens with some apps when I use them for a long time. Even apps like instagram or when speaking on the phone, so it doesn’t seem to be performance related. When my phone isn’t on battery saving mode though, it tends to get hot in the location you describe even when I don’t use it…
If you find that a new simcard makes a difference please let me know and I will try that too! I will also be moving my sim to slot 2 to see if that helps with the other issues you described.

Your phone becoming hot while running heavy apps is totally normal.
You can reduce this effect by underclocking your processor with governor apps.

Well, ‘better’ could mean many things. If it’s faster, it needs to be more energy efficient, otherwise it will produce more heat too.

yeah its just that it’s not only during heavy apps, but with normal apps when in longer use.
“underclocking” the processor might be an idea, but might have the same effect because then I just have less performance all the time.

I’m also irritated that I couldn’t read about this in ANY of the reviews in the press. So I wanted to know wether others experience this issue as well, because it clearly is detrimental if the smartphone tends to overheat. I just can’t get my head around the fact that a smartphone from 3 years ago performs better in average load use than one of 2015, fairtrade and all things considered.

It’s not in the review, maybe because how would you define “over” heating over normal heating ?

If you believe it’s getting warm or your battery is rapidly going down, check with “wakelock detector” to look for any app overusing your phone’s resources in the background.

IE, I identified citymapper or wechat as very greedy, so only have them installed if you really need it.
Other apps like pokemon are greedy too, but only when used, they use nothing in the background.

yeah I’ll try them both :wink:

whats the name of this “governopr app” cant find anything

I’m using no-frills CPU control.
But there are others.
Note that you will need root to be able to play with CPU frequency.

Hi all,

I noticed the same “hot spot” since starting the FP2 for the first turn on.
In my opinion this could be a hardware issue.
It wild be nice if we could get some oficial information about this issue.

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