Hearing aid wont stream with FP3

I received a set of hearing aids that have the possibility to stream music and phone calls from a phone to the hearing aids. The are detected and connected to the Bluetooth and work wel with the app that belongs to the hearing aids. The are not recognized as music devices. There is an Bluetooth pictogram in the screen where the connected devices show up. But its not a headphone pictogram as shown with the other connected music devices and headsets.
The menu button next to the connected hearing aid gives me two options. Connect. That dus nothing the are already connected. And forget witch is not helpful in any way. The hadset i am using right now gives much more menu options.
Telephone calls
HD-audio: ACC
Share contacts

Dos anyone have an solution for this bug?


I also have hearing aids. I connect through bluetooth of my compilot my phone with my hearing aids.
When I make a call whilst connected to my compilot I can choose between speaker off, speaker on or my compilot.
With Spotify the app automatically choose the compilot/hearing aids, no headphone icon is showing. If I then disconnect my compilot, Spotify automatically uses the speaker and also no headphone icon is showing.
Which app do you use for music?


Thanks for your replay,
I can connect trough my Multimic by using an audio jac. That works. But the hearing aids shoot be able to stream directly.


Is your Multimic connected to your phone by bluetooth? Or do you need an audio cable from your Multimic to the phone?

I need an audio cable from the Multimic to the phone

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