Headset mic not working

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There’s discussion about this over here, though I see you’ve previously replied there as well. In short:[quote=“therob, post:26, topic:12166”]
Is it possible to mechanically support CTIA and OMTP at the same jack? (I guess no)
No, but an adaptor should work (see the linked thread).
However, if, as the title of the topic suggests, you have both no sound and no mic, then my understanding is that this isn’t necessarily due to incompatible jack wiring. Hence this topic on zero functionality (not related to jack standards), and the other topic on non-working mics (which seems related to the jack standards).

Still I find the non interchangeability between FP1 and FP2 not satisfying.

Summary of my problem: I have bad sound which becomes normal if the one call button is pressed.

IF only ground and mic pins are inersed between OMTP and CTIA and IF the call button connects these two pins it makes all sense to hear perfect sound during button is pressed.

And this supports my claim, that FP1 uses different standard as FP2, which is my main point of disappointment in terms of sustainability…

Hey Rob,

Yup, I agree completely, very disappointed in this decision to back Apple’s dominating standard, over the previously used Android standard. Anybody with an android headset needs to buy a new cable, converter or headset.
I feel that they should upload an instruction manual to change the headphone’s jack wring in the phone, or should at least link to a tested an approved converter in the store.
Its really sad you have to spend more money to use a headset that worked with the FP1.

If it worked on your FP1 perfectly you should be fine with the converter. Probably you can test it in a shop first before buying?

Reading a little bit about that as far as I understood the tendency of all manufacturers has been to change to CTIA for a while now. Originally it was apple but now it’s more or less the standard of up to date phones. About the reasons of course I have no clue.
Meaning that FP in this case was not following apple or something but it was the decission in favor of the more common, hopefully longer supported standard.

I bought the perfectly working “Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear G” at a store today.
There I was told that nowadays basically all headset manufacturers try to comply with Samsung’s (Galaxy) standard when it comes to Android support…
So… it sucks that Apple swapped to pin connections, but I guess at this point it makes sense to have a new unified hardware standard, so that the difference between Apple and Android is only on the software side.
I think Fairphone made the right decision to use the Galaxy standard, even though I can understand the frustration of FP1 owners :frowning:

I added my new Sennheiser to the list:

The mic of the sennheiser mm30i doesn’t work, button + and - same

Not functional mic: Röde Smartlav+

I am still angry about the problems with headsets@FP2…

Currently I am puzzled very much, which in-ear-headset (with mic and 1 button) is working with the FP2 and which not.

The information about CTIA/OMTP and which smartphone model uses which standard, which headset have which standard…is confusing like hell! Only I know: FP2 needs CTIA and this, only partly useful list.

My problem:

  • Now I ordered a headset, which should work with HTC models (ONE M9 M8 Desire Eye A9)…and it do not work with the FP2 (same problems like here)
  • A friends Apple-headset does work with the FP2
  • Similar to the one I bought and which do not work with FP2 there exists several entries at ebay (germany) with the same, each stating different supporting smartphone brands…like here, here, here, here, here…but I don’t know:
    • if they are all the same and just claiming to support different smartphone brands
    • or if they really support different standards (–> so which is the correct one?),

I just want a very basic headset like this:

<img src=‘http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/314ouSeE8iL.jpg’, width=“100”>

Wired in-ear stereo headset, with one button which work for calls, a mic, and from shop located in germany (not amazon).

  • ANY HINTS? Can anybody help my out with this?
  • Should ALL iPhone-Headset work with the FP2?


I have bought 2 handsfree kits now and they don’t work. No one can hear me!

I have a set of headphones that do seem to work, but I cycle and need earphones for under my helmet.

These are the kits I have:

Please help! It’s a real problem for me. I miss my family and friends!!

Funny headsets :slightly_smiling:
Would you please add these to the (in-) compatibility list?

But what a pitty, that they also don’t work.
What I do not understand: the first (midnight raver) should work with iPod etc. and they do NOT work with FP2? As I stated above I already tested a Apple-suited-headset succesfull with the FP2…so why not this?

Same for your second pair, the funny Bamboo things…should work with “Apple, Android, Blackberry,…” But not FP2?

Is your experience same than for me?
→ Only by pressing the call button (if available?) the sound is good. Otherwise the mic is working but you have a very ugly sound?

I don’t understand why the producer/web shops don’t tell, which standard the headsets support like “CTIA” or “OMTP” not not "work for all smarphones, which is obviously not the case.

Or do we still miss anything what is really wrong with FP2s audio jack?
Headphone-technic is not that technically advanced that we cannot expact that it simply works without testint all available sets…
I am very angry about this, also not hearing anything form FP itself about this… @borjan, @MaartenD ??

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My Sony MH 1C Smart Headset works fine. Volume and microphone buttons work with FP2.
It is an older In-ear headset.

But it works with the FP1 as well, only the buttons did not. The microphone itself sounds good.
As far as I understand it this should not be possible?
What is going on?

This is totally confusing and seems like contradictory info going around

Accrrding to the wiki list of headsets that work, https://forum.feairphone.com/t/pencil2-list-of-compatible-headphones-and-headsets-for-fp2/12268, the House of Marley Smile Jamaica should work but I just bought and the microphone does not work. The mic on my old iPhone headphones also does not work.

How do you know what Standard the headset has? this is not found on the packaging or website for the ones I just bought.

How can I find something simple with a functioning mic??

I added the following entry a while ago. As mentioned there, look for Samsung Galaxy certified headsets, they seen to work fine.

Polk Audio Ultrafit 3000
Mic: not working
Sound: Perfect
Play/pause: Working
Next song: Working
Volume: Not working


I confirm that with the classical Apple headset, the microphone doesn’t work with FP2…(pretty frustrating as i need this function for my work!)

I would like to add this information in the wiki created but can’t figure out how to do it…someone can help me ?

Any news about this issue?

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This was very helpful (though clunky), thanks!

I was able to get this to work too.

I am still frustrated that several headsets I have used in several other situations (iPad, iPhone, directly into Mac and Windows Laptops, using adapters into older laptops …) don’t work here. I bought a pin-switching adapter on advice here and that doesn’t appear to work either. Checking on what’s wrong with that. (The patient might have more than one ailment.)

Thanks again.

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Good morning,

I made some more troubleshooting. For most headsets the mic is still not working at all which is a known problem with the FP2. I have tried Polk Audio Ultrafit 3000, a few Samsungs, a few Apples and so on. None working.

However, I found out that with my Kingston HyperX Cloud 2:

  • The mic is working fine when I am using the sound recorder or RecForge 2 Pro to record sound. The sound is crystal clear.

  • When making a phone call, the mic is not working. The reciever of the call can’t hear me but I can hear them.

  • When recieving a phone call, the caller can hear me for 3 seconds and then it becomes quiet. I can still hear the caller.

Remember, the HyperX Clud 2 headset was working fine with the FP2 in the beginning but suddenly this 3 second problem occured.

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Has anyone else with headset mic problems tested if the mic is working with a sound recorder app?

As I wrote before, on my Kingston Hyper X Cloud II the mic is not working when recieving phonecalls but it’s working when recording with RecForge 2 Pro.

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