Headphones don't work, even if they're supposed to do so

I have to call people quite a lot for my work. So I like to use a Headset instead of rubbing half of my face against my cellphone all the time. But no Headset I previously used on other cellphones worked for my new FP2. So I looked up that list of “certified” headphones that are supposed to work with the FP2. I decided to buy the Sennheiser CX 5.00 G (Yes G, not i) and they have just arrived. But again, neither the microphone, nor the buttons on the remote work with my FP2.
So my question now is: Do I have to install something to make my Headphones work, am I missing something or is something broken?

I really hope to be able to fix this ASAP…

Thank you already for your help!

If there is a Fairphone Angel (or even just another FP2 owner) in your area, the best way would be to arrange for a meeting and test your headphone(s) on her/his FP2. This would allow you to figure out if your top module’s audio jack isn’t working.


Well that’s a good idea, I’ll try that then. Wish me luck :sweat_smile:


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One thing you should still try (if you haven’t already) is to test your headphones with the slim case removed. Sometimes the hole in the case prevents the audio plug from going in deep enough.

Hi, maybe there is too much dust (there’s always some) inside the jacket…

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