Headphone jack is not coming back to Fairphone

Hi Dion :slightly_smiling_face: Since the industry is shifting towards the use of USB-C ports, especially as ports are becoming the charging standard by European legislation, we want to ensure that we keep up with general industry standards (which means also keeping sound output to this same standard), so future devices will not include the headphone jack & our mini jack adapter will remain a low-price option to make your wired headphones compatible. :green_heart:

I don’t mind this decision. But posting the reply from Fairphone here to manage expectations for the future.

Also check:


Also for reference, see the Frequently Asked Questions at https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/9836188988049.

"Q: Would you consider reinstating the headphone jack in your next products?

In the current user feedback surveys we see more people being critical about the current Fairphone dimensions than about the fact that they have to use an adapter for using devices with headphone jack. Hence, at this stage we would not consider reinstating the headphone jack in our upcoming devices."


I was pretty sure about the headphone jack already (unfortunately). However what I find even more interesting in the original article that you’re sharing is the information about the Nokia phone that at a first glance looks like they had seen too many Fairphone ads:


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The Nokia Phone(s) were discussed here in depth…


Is it, that’s about the G22, this LinkedIn post was about the Nokia G42 5G. But when talking about on-topic stuff, this is just about the headphone jack not coming back.

As you want to be precise: opening the link I responded to

I can read the following and will add a plural s to phone in my comment

Nokia G22 and Nokia G42 5G

Well I don’t mind, have no use for it anyway…to be honest I wish I could opt out the selfie camera…to me the most useless invention ever …I would rather have a screen without that useless camera in it.
Less is more I guess

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