Have you heard of iodéOS?

Have you heard of iodéOS?

A bit of info on ‘iodéOS’


Helleo @aranor,

no, I have not heard of iodéOS. What, in your mind, is it’s strongsuite?

Many greetings

I run it on my FP3, it’s basically a degoogled LOS with microG + built in adblocker, runs smoothly so far

Hi yeah iodéOS is not entirely Open Source.

The firewall/DNS blocker on it is not Open Source, from a privacy perspective it’s the equivalent of wearing body armor from head to toe and leaving your chest and vital organs exposed. They do have plans to make it Open Source but not for a few years.

Your better off flashing Lineage 17.1 and following best practices (no google/FB/Amazon or google built apps or API’s) and running a VPN and use AuroraOSS & F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository or use direct APKs.

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and add a root DNS blocker on top of all? … mmm not sure

This is the link to their wiki page with instructions for those who wish to try the OS.
I will state I have not tried it and won’t for the forseeable future as I’ve not much time left for rom-hopping.

Weirdly the link for FP3 doesn’t work from the gitlab page, so here’s the repo:

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