Have you been approached about your FP2?

When I walk around with my new Fairphone I always try to display my transparent cover. Today I was approached by a doctor at the hospital I work at, asking me about my phone. I told him about the modularity and repair ability and he seemed very interested (he had never heard of Fairphone before).

I’d like to know if something like this has happened to you and what about the Fairphone has caught their attention?


I only have the fp2 since yesterday and already I have to work hard not to get annoyed by people telling me that for the price they can get a fancier phone or that it’s not for them because it’s too big. People seem to not see the bigger picture. So far everybody got quite excited about the modularity and the black translucent back cover though.


Not really approached but as soon as I show the back cover to someone I know she/he asks about it…

I am really surprised that some people know about the FP2… they know the repair concept of the phone. I have only found 2 people who had heard about FP1…


I didn’t received my FP2 , but i attracted a lot of friends with my paper FP2 ! originally it was a joke like yeah “I finally received my phone” (jokes about my current “phone” and questions like "you still didn’t received your phone right ? :slight_smile: " are now on a daily basis) and i saw a lot of people interested in the modular aspect (engineering school ^^).
Most of my friend didn’t knew about Fairphone initiative, but now, i think that they get the concept since i talked to them regularly about it over the last month.
As most of my friends are “power user” most of them ( and including me a bit) are dissapointed by the S801 platform, but they don’t really get the “big picture” of Fairphone.


I have been approached once about my phone by a friend who had seen a FP2 (with blue translucent cover like mine) a few days ago by an other friend of hers. So far everybody I told about my nice new FP2 was quite interested in the idea of a fair and modular smartphone. All in all only positiv reactions :slight_smile:.


Hey there,

I would be curious to hear what reactions you already experienced when telling you have a Fairphone! It is a pretty uncommon device and because of that you might have had uncommon reactions.

At least I had some… Firstly, the design is a good start to talk. The translucent back over makes people curious what’s inside. So I flipped up the backcover and took it apart. Many people are amazed by that and actually it was a good start to tell about Fairphones philosophy. The people are mostly very interested in the long life span. Many of them somehow thought that phones aren’t fair but hearing something catchy and something to touch is much more efficient. Surprisingly, not one person was surprised about the high price of the Fairphone two. The only negative response I got was that it is quite a brick but then I explained the bunt feature and afterwards most people were satisfied. A student from school even recognized that my phone is a Fairphone. She told me that they have learned about the Fairphone in geography.

So you see, the reactions I got were just positive. I take this as an evidence that a Fairphone might be a product for a broader clientele.

So what are your experiences of owning a Fairphone? I would love to hear them all!



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A colleague saw my FP2 on my desk and asked ‘is that a Fairphone? It’s the first Fairphone I’ve seen for real…’


The reactions are completely distinguishable. From scorn to interest.

Some wanted the fair phone already in place and set disassemble!

But many wonder what better at the technique is known as the Iphone 6 or at the new Samsung?

I have to explain because most people do not understand why I bought this but “big” mobile phone there many people.

Only when I tell that it is technically no better than other mobile phones, it but which it produced better off than those of other manufacturers. Think about it for the people and understand the meaning behind it.

If it still does not understand one, I say that I simply can fix it yourself!

I was having a call with O2 -and suddenly the other person said something like: ’ Ah, I see [on his screen I concluded] you own a Fairphone 2…’ then he asked me out about it and said he’d be very interested too. Made me kind of proud. Somehow.