Have to manually select Wi-Fi network every time I want to connect

I am using the fp2-sibon-17.11.2 release.

When I enable Wi-Fi while in the range of one of my known networks or when I enter the range of one of my known networks while Wi-Fi is enabled, my phone doesn’t automatically connect to that network.

I have to manually press that little down-arrow under the Wi-Fi icon in the notification area, then tap the network I want to connect to in order for it to connect.

Obviously I’d like it to connect automatically as soon as it is available.

Can’t check it right now (and I am using FOS), but shouldn’t that be an option you can select for every WLAN in the settings menu (usually three dots) of the respective WLAN?

I am also on fp2-sibon-17.11.2 and I can’t seem to reproduce your problem. For me on FP Open, there is no need to hit the down arrow, I think I’ve used the down arrow only once in total since I got the FP2. It even connects to open networks on its own behalf without ever having been selected (like Freifunk APs). When I disable wifi and enable it again (hit the wifi icon square and center, not the down arrow) I immediately get attached to my wifi AP without any hassle and very quickly too. It also prefers my private AP that was explicitly configured over open APs that are also around. So all seems perfect for me. I wonder what could be different on your phone / settings / wifi neighborhood that would cause the need for manual selection.

Sorry I don’t understand… what do you mean by that? I know the (three dots) menu but can’t seem to find any relevant settings there.

Thanks for your message, I don’t know but sometimes mine connects by itself and quickly as well… it is definitely a strange problem.

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