Have the fair minerals changed in FP3? (A: No 😊)

FP2 had a focus on gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum.
FP3 is on record for having “responsibly sourced and conflict-free tin and tungsten, recycled copper and plastics”, and fairtrade gold - but no mention of tantalum.

So does anyone know: does FP3 have no tantalum in it? Are they not responsibly sourcing it any more?


In an interview in the french paper 20minutes I found the following citation (boldface is added by me):

« Nous nous assurons par exemple que l’étain, le tungstène ou le tantale que nous utilisons ne proviennent pas de mines aux mains de groupes armées et concourent au contraire à l’économie locale, explique Luke Jaimes. L’un de nos prochains chantiers sera d’assurer cette traçabilité sur d’autres minéraux encore, comme le cobalt. »

I would have been really surprised, should they have changed something on that behalf.


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