Have I downloaded malware?

Hi all, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong category. I am currently in Kenya and I seem to have downloaded some kind of malware on my FP1. When I try to use the internet browser app it constantly redirects to weird/nonsense websites and notifications pop up telling me I’ve won stuff. I cannot navigate back to the original site. I have downloaded Kaspersky free antivirus for Android and Malwarebytes today from Google Play Store but they say my phone is virus- and malware-free. Do you guys have any suggestions for how I can get rid of this bug in my phone?! Thanks, Tessa

Hi, we’d need more info to troubleshoot your problem :

  • Have you tried switching to a different browser like Firefox ?
  • Have you tried using an ad blocker like microblock (usually written µblock) ?
  • Have this happened during the entirety of your trip (I mean, did the web work correctly while in Kenya) ?
  • Are you using mobile data or a Wifi hotspot ?

I’m looking forward to your answer


hi @tessastanleyprice, have you looked whether a malicious website has changed your browsers homepage? (open browser, open menu with bottom left button, settings, general,set homepage) You may need to put your phone in airplane mode before opening the browser to prevent the website from changing it back as soon as you close the settings.
Let us know if this helps.

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