#️⃣ Pro tip: Disable Widgets

I just found out (and then searched the forum and saw @FP2GenericUser already found out too) that you can use the App Autostarts (needs :hash: root) to disable widgets.

The App’s main function is to disallow an App to automatically starting in the background at a certain state (e.g. during/after startup, when connectivity changed, when you call someone, …), but this allows for many different use cases and therefore the App has been recommended multiple times on the forum before.

I however didn’t know until now, that disallowing “widget updating” with Autostarts means that the widget is removed from your widgets list. That way you can clean your widgets list from widgets you know you’ll never use and find those you may want to add in the future faster.
You can even disable individual widgets that come from the same app without affecting the performance of the other widget(s) from that app (at least that’s my experience so far).


Yeah, incredible handy App. Sadly, i am rocking that App now on a old HTC M8 with Lineage, since Fairphone and me went seperate ways. But damn, i miss this Forum. But three times the “bright spots” problem in a row plus the endless hassle each time for getting a replacement (via reseller and FP support and back) until they have run out of displays for the moment and for months to come was finally enough. I really really wanted this to be my device for years to come, i even wrote a more or less enthusiastic post for a friends blog. But that last case was sadly the nail in the coffin for me… 3 more or less broken displays (i simply expect a fully working display in a device that pricey) is not really sustainable.

I thank the whole forum for being there, that is the most helpful and productive community i ever wittnessed. Soon will i sell the rest of my spareparts here, when i got my money back for the phone… Tears are rolling down my eyes.


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