Has anyone gotten rid of their random reboots?

Tell me your success stories! :slight_smile:

I did almost everything I could think of and a lot of what is listed here but so far no dice. Reboots happen when I use the phone but also during the night so I have no idea what’s going on.

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When I got my FP2, the first thing I did was flash FPOOS; it suffered from the random reboot bug, so I reflashed. This took care of the issue. Then, after installing the update to Nougat, the random reboots came back, so I flashed Nougat rather than use the update, and the reboots went away again - no issues since.

This doesn’t really narrow down the list of causes, but I didn’t feel like taking a fine-toothed comb to the system to find out what was causing this issue. Reflashing solves everything by resetting everything.


I haven’t installed Nougat for now, but with Marshmallow I got rid of all random reboots by finding and getting rid of all network and hardware abusive apps such as Netflix and Facebook. In my case they tended to be caused by nasty spying activity from those corporations, which was incompatible with and troublesome to my implementation of the FP Open system.


That is interesting. It’s hard to remember now but I think I flashed LOS 14.1 and just updated to 15.1 from that. I’m pretty sure I had the reboots on both OSs though. I tried to flash FP Open once but it didn’t work for some reason so I went back to LOS. If it only wasn’t such a huge step to flash a new OS :slight_smile:

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Mh, the only app like that I can think of would be Instagram, I’ll uninstall and test that, thanks!

Hmm, I’ve upgraded every time a new (GMS-)OS was available. I don’t face random reboots on Android 7 (neither before…).

I usually find them by combing the logs, I use SysLog to find the app causing an error or a crash log message, other similar tools can be used instead.


That sounds interesting but I’m not really sure how I’d go about doing that, is the Main log (Logcat) the one I should be looking at?

I just tried it but I’m not sure what I should search for in the log, there are 188 errors but only four crash entries that don’t tell me much.

Also the log starts at 5:33 which might be the last time the phone rebootet, will that log have the reasons for the reboot in it? Wouldn’t I need the log from before the crash?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Usually the best info is found in the last_kmsg file, which is recorded right before the last reboot. Sometimes however it isn’t readable due to the recording of garbage by the crashing phone. I believe however that you need root to have access to this file. Logcat and dmesg may contain useful information too, normally it’s enough to find which app was running right before a severe error or crash.


I don’t suffer from any random reboots, and well my OS is old too. The longest uptime until my manual reboot was some about 240+ hours.

The apps you mention are surely among those many other top preferred apps which, as I expect, use the full option package for data leech, advertising and annoyances. Most users probably have no idea of what’s actually going on in the background but rather complain about crashes, strange behaviour and random reboots.
Uninstalling each of them seems to be a huge sacrifice many cannot accept.
But what you did is taking proper control of the device and simply cutting off unwanted behaviour. I believe your satisfaction level made a significant jump up. On the other side there are users always wanting the latest security level keeping everything (auto-updated) and use an OS based on Android 7 accepting all the flaws coming with it, even if usability drops by a significant level.

Also disabling the auto-update feature for all apps will rise the stability level significantly once the few apps causing serious troubles are sorted out and uninstalled.
Not every update necessarily fixes bugs but maybe implement even new ones.
At least when manually updating there is a chance to distinguish which app could be the culprit.

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Yeah, I read about last_kmgs while researching crash logs however it’s just as unreadable for me as the logs I got with SysLog (I’m rooted so getting the logs is not a problem). There’s about twenty paragraphs like this:

„Freezing remaining freezable tasks …
(elapsed 0.001 seconds)

Suspending console(s) (use no_console_suspend to debug)
PM: suspend of devices complete after 30.848 msecs
PM: late suspend of devices complete after 2.619 msecs
PM: noirq suspend of devices complete after 3.237 msecs
Disabling non-boot CPUs …
CPU0: msm_cpu_pm_enter_sleep mode:3
PM: noirq resume of devices complete after 2.428 msecs
PM: early resume of devices complete after 1.913 msecs
PM: resume of devices complete after 223.278 msecs
Restarting tasks …
PM: suspend exit 2019-02-08 04:31:29.385689672 UTC
healthd: battery l=92 v=4176 t=17.6 h=2 st=3 c=6 fc=2361000 cc=24 chg=a
PM: suspend entry 2019-02-08 04:31:29.486211755 UTC
PM: Syncing filesystems …
Freezing user space processes …
(elapsed 0.004 seconds)

Freezing remaining freezable tasks …
(elapsed 0.001 seconds)

Suspending console(s) (use no_console_suspend to debug)

No errors detected“

It would be amazing to get some pointers what to look out for there or in the other logs. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty hard call to decide between security updates (which I think are pretty important even though the actual risk of getting malware is probaly not that high) and a stable system.* And even though reboots are pretty annoying I think I’ll take the security patches before the stable system.

*Obviously there’s also no guarantee that if I install an older version of Android the reboots will go away. They might persist on the old system when it’s an app that causing it or it might be hardware-related.

I have three friends that have Fairphones, one is on LOS 14.1 (with the MicroG one irrc) and doesn’t have reboots the other are on official Fairphone OS and just started getting reboots a few month ago.

I’m pretty sure there’s no one-size fits all solution here since there are so many possible causes for the reboots.

I’m recording Logcat for now and hopefully they’ll save the logs when the next reboot happens.

I don’t seem to have random reboots any more. Noticed it less with Android 7, and not at all since I dropped the phone and had to take it apart + reassemble to get it going again, without unscrewing anything. That said, I’ve given up trying to use Waze when driving: my internet provider seemed to drop the signal and disconnect me at regular intervals when on the move, so it was unusable. I also found that switching location on used up the battery in no time.


Mmmmh, taking the phone apart and reassembling it is be a nice idea, thanks!

I made experiences with three fairphones, got them from my companies mobile phone pool.
The first phone started somewhen with the random reboots. And whatever I did, it didn’t went away: FPOS Android 6 and 7, Lineage OS Android 7 and 8, installed as update, installed from scratch, the random reboots remained.

Having gotten the 2nd and 3rd FP2, I tested with them also many combinations of OS, and with the ‘new’ Fairphones I never had a random reboot. Only with Lineage I have here and there very seldom a warm reboot, so only GUI reboot.

So I assume the issue with my first FP is with the phones hardware.


Also disabling the auto-update feature for all apps will rise the stability level significantly once the few apps causing serious troubles are sorted out and uninstalled.
Not every update necessarily fixes bugs but maybe implement even new ones.
At least when manually updating there is a chance to distinguish which app could be the culprit.

Totally agree, and I also only do manual updates for the reasons mentioned. Unfortunately there is a culture among smartphone coders of using app updates as “news boards” instead of looking as in the past for software that would “mature” in as few versions as possible. That was once considered to be the essence of being a truly professional coder or engineer. GAFAs however utterly destroyed deontological approaches in tech fields, and we are all paying a heavy price with poorly designed, unreliable and invasive devices.

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I had reboots with my own Fairphone 2 in the first few months while testing different setups with the Open OS. Then I finally found a stable version. Later I bought another Fairphone 2 for my wife, and not having installed any of the previously identified problem apps, her phone never experienced a random reboot that we know of.

Here is an old post I wrote about logs and Facebook related random boots.


Well this doesn’t look good:

> unwind: Unknown symbol address c0102ab8
> unwind: Index not found c0102ab8
> Code: bad PC value
> ---[ end trace 5fd39709331e79a7 ]---
> Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt
> SMP: failed to stop secondary CPUs
> wcnss crash shutdown 0
> Rebooting in 5 seconds..
> SMP: failed to stop secondary CPUs
> Going down for restart now

Still no idea what causing it, though. Can’t find anything in the log that I can link to an app or anything.

I’ll leave the phone running with adb from the pc next night maybe that will be more enlightening.

Oh welcome - so you found out about it aswell…:wink:
Therefore I keep properly working apps and their installation file in case of an update does not work as flawless as it’s precursor. I only had few of those cases in the past.
So unfortunately because of this I rather stick to some old version that works instead of (auto-)updating anyway and introducing problems or simply accepting new/more permissions opening more “doors” for data leech.

Speaking of app permissions, I still keep the same rigorous judgement which app makes it/stays on my handset than at the very first beginning.

Erm, be careful with this - I am afraid it is simply too much truth for many users…:roll_eyes:
Instead of blaming specific apps/developers it seems to be much more comfortable these days to blame the phone having a poor design or the OS being faulty.
All is going to waste…:disappointed:

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