Has anybody received the latest security update yet?

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Got update a couple of days ago. Installation went ok and haven’t noticed any new issues.

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Is anyone aware of a possibility to force triggering the OTA update?
I received the September security update in a timely manner, when the first reports were made here. Under the same conditions (I’m in the UK, usually connected to a VPN 24/7) I haven’t received the October security update yet (the one released by FP in late November) - and I’m already annoyed by that. Fairphone needs some time to integrate the Google patches into their OS - fine. But still being on September patches in December, that’s my previous phone’s experience all over again…

I tried various suggestions from the internet: clearing the Google Services Framework app cache, disabling the VPN for a while, rebooted multiple times, did the manual update search for about a billion times… It tells me my September patches are up to date, and that drives me nuts, because I know it’s not the case.

There are not so many Fairphone 3’s that the rollout should take weeks. I’d even opt in for early testing if there was such a thing.

Rant over.

I didn’t ask support yet, wanted to look for possible reasons and solutions here first.

I tried manually installing the OTA zip file but experienced the same error as @nold.

Sorry, for being a smartass; but then this isn’t new for you and no need for ranting. :wink:
No, seriously, it might be a staged rollout, that takes a few days, to e.g. manage the bandwith-use of the download server.
Since the first post mentioning the availability of the update was 4 days ago, you might give it another week? Just a wild guess, of course, as I have no experience or special knowledge.


Fair enough. It feels like it’s been much longer :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish they’d announce updates with some details (like “it’s a staged OTA, expect this to reach everyone in X days at most”). A short tweet would be enough. I should really tell this to support, not the community :laughing:

I noticed they didn’t update this support page yet - this and the fact that @Monica.Ciovica didn’t get back to us could possibly mean the updated wasn’t supposed to be released yet?


I’ve just received the update today, so I would suggest it is a staged rollout of some description (I’ve been trying to get the update manually since the first post that an update had arrived).


That’s great news! I checked manually earlier today - nothing. Checked manually again just now, and there it is! Staged rollout it is.

My concerns about the lack of transparency in the whole process are still valid though… Just put out some tweets Fairphone, come on - it’s not that hard…

Support page still says

Fairphone OS version 0096 is the latest software version for your Fairphone 3 released in October 2019. It is based on Android 9 Pie.

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My FP3 has just installed the 5 october security patch and my connections sharing doesn’t work anymore… The week when my home connection have troubles :scream:
Have you got the same issue?

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Which one exactly? WiFi hotspot? Bluetooth tethering?
How about after turning the phone off (really shutting it down, no simple reboot) and turning it on again?

Wifi hotspot.
I didn’t known that there is a difference between reboot and start after shut down. But even with a “real shut down”, it doesn’t work : my PC successfully connects to wifi but not to the internet (no ping).

Hi LeeRoy,

I have just checked it with my FP3 (which also has the October patch level) and my Wi-Fi hotspot works like a charm.

So this must be some issue with third party software oder network settings. What kind of computer are you connecting from, PC or Mac? Are you using a firewall? Any specific error messages except for not being connected?

Best wishes, Thomas


Thanks for testing.
My PC, booted with windows 10 or a linux, can not used my hotspot to ping something. But this PC can used the my wife’s hotspot to used internet. This PC had used my hotspot the week before the update :frowning:
Do you know who to reset this hotspot ?

I need to add “dun” in APN type : “default,dun,supl,mms”


Today i got the December update. Maybe they are up to speed right now and have enough time for open os? Just a late Christmas wish :slight_smile:


What’s the patch level? Is it December?

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Did you get your FP3 from the Fairphone Shop or from a reseller?

I’m asking because FP3 batches at resellers (sold before Fairphone delivered FP3 to its own customers) still need a firmware fix (actually forecast for the first quarter of 2020).

Yes, patch level December. I got my phone from the Fairphone shop, end of November


I also have already received the December update. :partying_face: I got my phone directly from Fairphone early November. Install went smooth!

I changed the topic title because this is not about October anymore.
Got the update, too. It’s nice to see things are seemingly moving into gear now.


Are updates now rolled out in batches? I cannot seem to be able to retrieve this one yet. It doesn’t require a Google Play Store account, does it?

Update: Ah, nevermind … I guess this confirms it: