"Hardworking team members"?

on the Fairphone->Roadmap->Projects - Page you say, that there are 34 hardworking team members. But isn’t it more disruptive to talk about “34 funhaving team members” ? A society with social entrepreneurship should also build up new values for work. What do you think of ?

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Who says you can’t have fun AND work hard? One doesn’t exclude the other.

Just to make sure: This is a community forum, not a channel to contact the Fairphone team :wink:

All the best

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But it seems to me that they are having a lot of fun working at Fairphone. The work atmosphere is great! :slight_smile:


They might be having so much fun (and showing it) that they feel they must assert to us that they, besides having fun, are also working hard (which I’m sure they do).