Hardware Problem

Dear Fairphone-Support

I hope you will read my Matter

I bought a Fairphone 4 monthes ago.
At the beginning it works very well, but now i can only call
with Headphones or active loudspeaker.
I am not sure but i guess that this is a warranty case.
My question is how can i sent my Fairphone back to you ?
I tried it 2 weeks ago, but i got no answer!
There a lot of Numbers probably I interchanged some Numbers …
I hope that somebody can give me a step per step anwser for "dummies"
Thanks in advance

Kind regards
Stefan Hampejs

Hey Stefan, this is a community forum and not an official support forum, meaning that the fairphone support won’t read it. Hence you could either look if you find a solution here in the forum yourself (I’m not sure I understand what the exact problem is in your case tbh) or you could reach out to the support through this page: