Hard plastic cover FP3

does anyone know, if there are hard-plastic cases for FP3? Any brand, any color, used or new.

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Are you not talking about either this nor that?

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I might be wrong, but they are both more like a silicon plastic, than a hard-plastic, aren’t they?

They mention “Made with 37% biomaterials and non-toxic plastic”, and it seems to me a lot of people who’ve baught them (I didn’t, I’m happy with the bumper and the fact we can see the transparent backcover) mention them to be a hard cover.

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I thought like that before I got one, too. However, the green protective case I have here right now is somewhat in between. It is flexible enough (perhaps even a tad bit more flexible than the bumper) to easily fit on the FP3 (and FP3+), but once it sits there, it actually feels almost like a flat hard plastic case.


Sounds perfect, thanks a lot!

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