Hard case for FP3plus

I need a hard case for my FP3plus. Hard (case) to find. Or not? Any suggestions?

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What exactly do you call a ‘hard case’? Can you show an example?


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Hard cases don’t exactly absorb much of the force from impact, so what use requires a ‘hard’ case and how hard. Wooden, titanium ??

Water proof and shock resistent 2meter.

I’m tempted to suggest a large enough waterproof phone bag to hold the phone as well as enough bubble-wrap around it, because it would meet those requirements … but it would hardly be hard :wink: .


The protective case on its own isn’t that far from 2 metres according to the official Support article:

Regarding waterproof, I think there is no way around a proper sealable bag, indeed.


That is a logical answer. However I want to put the case on my bike to navigate. Must be easy to read. I had one from ghostek, with a quad lock connector to my bike.

There are several levels of waterproof. Check the Wikipedia article IP Code, section Second digit: Liquid ingress protection for details. You probably want at least IPx3 or IPx4. Better will not hurt.

The phone itself is not (very) waterproof because of goal conflict - you can’t seal a phone that needs to be easily repairable. I’d almost bet that not phone with a replaceable battery is waterproof to any significant degree. Probably the best you can get is IPx2, “Dripping water when tilted at 15°”.

The Fairphone case is solid and will cushion against bumps. I would suggest you just warp it in cling foil before you put it in the case and mount it on the bike.

Well, there are solutions, e.g. by Samsung the XCover Pro, that is IP68 and even MIL-STD 810 certified and has an exchangeble battery (the XCover 4 / 5 as well):

It’s just some special solution and the dealbreaker for the FP-design is rather the modularity and the repairability than just the battery.

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According to iFixit, the FP3 has an IP54 rating. So…

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