Handsfree option is not working while OUTGOING calls

I can’t use the loud speakers (handsfree option) when I call someone. When someone calls me, it is working though. Any other people with the same issue or even ideas how to fix it?

YES!!! I’ve had this problem for two years but have not managed to get a video for a support ticket. I have a new bottom module as well - that was not the problem. For me it seems to be a software issue.

I think the same because it is working when someone calls me, therefore: the hardware is working.

How is it not working?
Is there no option to enable handsfree mode for outgoing calls?
Does the option exist but nothing happens when you tap it?
Or do you hear nothing at all anymore when you switch to handsfree mode?

I’ll try to give more details. The option is available but when I tap it, it stays in the same volume as before. But, somehow it changes a bit, hard to explain. It is still pretty low but sounds like the speaker change!? I can’t volume up.

Is there a chance that the loud speakers are blocked - e.g. by a sticker on the back cover (the two slits on the back of the cover should not be blocked)?


I’d also try to #disassemble the bottom module and clean the speaker if it’s dirty.

Finally if the loud speakers work fine in the hardware test (settings > maintenance), but not during calls the troubleshooting tool suggests trying with a different SIM (to rule out a connectivity issue) and trying in #dic:safemode (to rule out a software issue).

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