Handsfree mic not working

So I’ve gotten a bluetooth handsfree, connected it to the phone and tried it out.
The speaker works, I can hear what the person I’m calling is saying, I can listen to music, videos etc. But, the microphone is not working. This is the second handsfree set I try out that has the same problem: Microphone not working, sound working.
The microphone on the FP2 itself kept working. So it didn’t switch over as it should. Is there something in the settings that I need to change, or is it like with the wired headsets that some works others don’t?
It is a Plantronics Voyager Legend.I’ve also tried a Bose BT2.
Can anyone help me?

Plantronics Voyager Legend works for making phone calls. But not for voice recording (what I used for testing. The Bose does not work on the Fairphone but, it works on the iPhone, both for voice recording and calls.

I have a similar problem. Got a new handsfree BEATS Tour 2.0. The mic doesn’t work on my Fairphone 2. But it works on my wife’s Samsung. I had also a similar problem with another handsfree. Some work, some don’t. Irritating, as it is not easy to test a specific handsfree before purchase.

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