✏ Hands on: Tried and approved - These chargers and USB C cables work!

Does this sound familiar? I excitedly unboxed my FP3, some four USB C cable and five different chargers at hands and — NOTHING!

Then I read the tipps on charging and found, that I need a charger, that is Qualcomm 3.0 or compatible and an USB C cable that is compatible, too.

I went for amazon and entered qualcomm 3.0 and found me a nice charger that worked:

And one for spare that has a USB A plug:

And a USB C to USB C cable, that worked: Beware this links to a Lightning to USB C version

USB A cable, braided, supports fast charge

USB A cable, not braided but USB-IF certified, supports fast charge

I’m aware, that FP and Amazon might considered a contradiction by some, but if one needs a quick solution to an uncharged phone, these parts definitely work!

Yours, Dramaqueen :slight_smile:

I made this post a wiki, so everyone can add chargers, that are working to the list.
But if the list get’s longer, the links should be hyperlinks connected to the name of the charger instead of those pictures. (BertG)
PLEASE do not reply to this post, as this “destroys” the wiki function: Changing the list of chargers will then no longer make this wiki pop-up on the list of latest topics.