[hacking] dumping eMMC chip from a dead FP2

Hi to hackers

Is there a non intrusive way (ie avoid desoldering chip to prevent warrantly loss) , like using debug connector or above usb connector, to read and dump the eMMC chip from the phone ?

I’m fluent with unix systems, serials communications, hardware hacking, but try to figure if ther’s a smart way/non academic for doing such a thing (I have a lot of fresh unbackuped data lying on the chip…) : I’m pretty sure I can access this chip using the bootloader (if the phone’s death is not comming from the CPU death), then "dd"ing it to serial or to the sd card, or perhaps the on-board usb is abble to show me the emmc chips like an usb pendrive ext3 formated ?

Any experiences welcome…

This question came just in time, here’s a link to a talk held at a conference (“34c3”) which ended just a week ago :slight_smile:
The video recording of that talk is freely available: https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-8784-emmc_hacking_or_how_i_fixed_long-dead_galaxy_s3_phones
I don’t know what brand of eMMC modules FP2 is using, but there aren’t many on the market, so it might even be Samsung ones.


Are you telling us, that fairphone sold it’s phones with this samsung eMMC chips wich is notoriously known to be bugged for 4/5 years now ?

There’s a bit about the “flashing stations” for Fairphone in Information about the “debug connector” on the FP2


No. As I said above, I don’t even know what brand they’re using, not to mention the exact type of eMMC.

Still, for me this video was really worth it, as it’s quite informative about how eMMC in general works.

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