[GSI/ROM] Android Open Source Project 10 gsi



just tested out an AOSP GSI rom, and it turned out to be working pretty well. It doesn’t lag/stutter on scroll + the animations are smooth (most times), and it is suitable as a daily driver IMO.

ROM Link (use arm64-ab): Release AOSP 10.0 v222 · phhusson/treble_experimentations · GitHub
Open Camera (see below): Open Camera - Browse /v_1_48_3 at SourceForge.net
Instructions: [HOW TO] Flash a custom ROM on FP3 with GSI

What works:
-Camera (stock camera app crashes, use OpenCamera)
-4G/3G/2G connectivity (data)
-Auto brightness (sorta slow but works)
-Dark mode
-Animations (most times) (stock launcher sometimes has weird animations, use lawnchair)
-Most Phh treble settings
-Vibration (~5/1000 times it doesn’t lol)

-Everything else

NOTE: This is not my ROM. I also am not a developer and won’t fix any bugs. If you brick your phone, you can ask for help but it still isn’t my problem. I can still help with minor problems :wink:

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