Grouping icons in folders

Hello World,

grouping app icons in folders is possible but hard to do. Can somebody help?

I try to place one icon on another to group them. But the other icon jumps away. I move back and forth again and again, und suddenly, the white ring appears so I can group the icons.
But it works just by chance!
See these screenshots:

Icon jumps away…

Trying again, suddenly works (chance) …


What’s the trick here?



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Ha! Yeah, I know what you mean, it can be difficult to do :wink:

I can’t tell you that there is a trick to it. It’s just a case of trying until you get there in my experience.

I’ve found that if you approach from the sides it’s more likely to make the icons move than if you do it from above or below.

I’ve also found that if you drag slowly you’re more likely to make the icon move rather than turn into a folder.

Happy playing :smiley:


It really is difficult and @Chris_R is right, you’ll get better at it by trying. But if you absolutely can’t get the hang of it you could alternatively use apps like Apps2Org . It lets you categorize your Apps and you can put shortcuts to a Category on your homescreen instead of folders. A little bonus is, if you categorize all your apps you can have a “folder” that is automatically filled with newly downloaded (not yet categorized) apps.

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Thanks Chris, I think you’re right: I must move the icon real quickly.