Group Purchase Spare parts Belgium?


I’ve been using my fairphone for 2 years now (July) and I noticed the last couple of weeks my battery is behaving very irregularly. I’ve tried multiple resets and stuff but decided in the end, after a great many loading cycles it’s time to purchase a new battery.

When ordering it in the shop, I noticed delivery costs were almost €8 which is quite a lot compared with the price of a battery (€20) and on top of that I started thinking it’s not very ‘ecological’ to have a small parcel like that send over from the warehouse to Antwerp.

I was wondering if there’s any other :belgium: citizens who have come across this issue as well… Maybe it would be worth to set up some ‘group purchase’ scheme or a small depot with some stock somewhere in Antwerp/Brussels from where spare parts can be distributed more ecologically :).

I’m going to Amsterdam quite regularly by train so maybe it’s even worth looking into placing an order and arranging a pickup at the headquarters of FP (I saw it’s been done in the past)…

So fellow Belgians, feel free to shoutout if you are happy to solve this issue together :peace:



Thanks for helping other Fairphone users this way! I suggest that you contact @Monica.Ciovica if you want to arrange a pick-up. Note that the distribution centre is actually in Eindhoven, so you should give the FP staff some time to pick up stuff there and bring it to the office.

Nice idea, @BogersAsset! I just replaced my screen, so I don’t really need anything.
But maybe we could set up an Antwerp/Belgian Heaven and use this method to spread spare parts over Belgium? (I live in Lier, not too far from Antwerp :slight_smile: )

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@AlbertJP thanks for the info! I’ll keep it in mind when we have more ‘participants’. In fact Eindhoven would also be possible as my parents are living right across the border, I might even retrieve the parts there by bike, just to prove a point :’)

@danielsjohan nice to meet you! Indeed Lier is not far and has a very good public transport connection so sounds like a plan. I work in Brussels so even there we would have quite good coverage if need be :slight_smile: I do not really understand the ‘heaven’ connection you make? It seems I am not yet able to access this part of the forum because of my newbie status at the forum :cry:

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I also work in Brussels, so we got it double covered :slight_smile:
Simply put:


This just sounds like the beginning of a wonderful angelship … :angel:

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I’m pinging @oli.sax, who is the Liège Angel. Would be nice to see a Brussels Heaven emerge. :angel:

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@BogersAsset If interested I can offer a new spare FP2 battery to pick up in Linter this Saturday.

Hi Amber, thanks for the offer but it’s quite of the way (specifically with public transport for Antwerp)… I will try and see if I know somebody who lives close but I guess it would be quite difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

Any other places in Belgium you will be passing through by chance? :smiley:

Hi Stefan ! Good idea indeed :slight_smile:
For now, I recently received an order so I don’t need anything. Also traveling from Liège to Antwerpen would cost more than the 8€ shipping (by train or by car), so I think group orders should be local and not Belgium-wide :wink:


Sorry, I don’t have a feeling for the distances in Belgium. :sweat_smile:

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I can’t access this link either - even though my trust level is one level below an Angel so it’s not just a newbie problem. It looks like you’re indeed linking a private part of the forum. Please use an actually accessible link next time when explaining the concept of Angels :slight_smile:

This is at the bottom of the #fairphoneangels topic.

Same worries here, but getting from Deinze to Antwerp (for instance) and having the right spare parts at the right moment may be tricky…

Hi :unicorn:

sorry, unfortunately I didn’t go to other places this time.

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Hi Karleen,

For ‘urgent’ replacements this would indeed be quite a challenge and probably not worth the time/effort invested in it. For less urgent replacements (like mine but I can also assume the camera part etc.) I think there could be some solution set up?

I myself travel quite a lot in Belgium (to the bigger cities like Ghent, Mechelen, Leuven) and I work in Brussels so I think drop off/pick up points could be arranged in case there’s a demand for it?

Only thing I don’t know is how many FP-users there are in BE and it seems not many of them are active on this forum so would be hard to reach out to them maybe…

Anyway I can still wait couple of weeks for the battery so we’ll see what happens here in the meanwhile :smiley:

@Amber Thanks for the heads-up though! Maybe another time we can arrange a pick-up, hope you had a good weekend! :+1:


I could be interested some time in the future but not at this moment. My phone is only 3 months old and the battery is still performing well. All other components too. I’m from Antwerp-Turnhout region.

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According to Fairphone’s investment sheet (part 1 (pdf, 2.3 MB) | part 2 (pdf, 1.7 MB)), 7% of FP2 have been sold in Belgium. That would be roughly 7.000 FP2 at the moment.

If people need something, they will contact you here. Or you become a #fairphoneangels, which gives you a local email address and improved visibility through the #communitymap

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Thank you for your reply and idea!

Let me know if you want to go ahead with this and I can see if I need/can do something to help.


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