Group action against Fairphone for dishonest support on Fairphone 3

I do not own a FP3+, but a FP2. Various bugs and issues have kept me away from buying and recommending an FP3+, and using the FP2 as a spare phone so far. But the latest ROM update looks promising. I will keep an eye on how things develop…

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I do not work in customer support, and I think no one should because it is not worth it dealing with people’s complaints, but that’s just me.


Hi I empathise with your concerns and didn’t even risk the FP1 and 2, but my daughter heard about the FP3 so I paid for it so she wouldn’t be so hard done by. So I bought one and it’s pretty good, some battery charging issues that I don’t understand and occasional audio issues on WhatsApp that that my daughter brought to my attention. My daughter has been offered a replacement due to the poor volume on WhatsApp but has decided to see if this new update will sort it, ~ doubt it :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand you comment about money, but I would pay a few hundred more if it was a spot on phone with no issues.

So far the phone is usable, though I only use it via wifi and I can’t really support the notion of ‘dishonest support’ ~ insufficient, inept and slack maybe and disappointing and no doubt for some utterly depressing, but whatever I get myself into isn’t anyone else’s fault so I also do not see the sense or decency in trying to foam up a group action to challenge someone; as this topic was set out.

As for the idea I think l that’s where I differ. I’m not interested in making the electronic industry a better more caring business so I expect FP to fail in that sense and their poor phone quality and support structure, may undermine their efforts to run such a business for long.

Whatever FP does is their business, I don’t have to be involved, but once I have made my choice to show that I care it undermines my efforts to then shift the responsibility back to Fairphone when they don’t live up to my expectation. The question is more ~ can I live up to my expectation and the answer there is more often no than yes.

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