Grip Tape for FP?

Hey there!
Sometimes my FP is nearly slipping out of my hand because of the smooth metal back surface.
Ia anyone facing the same problem and may have a solution?
I don’t want to cover my FP with a big rubber/silikone shell.
I found something interesting the other day:



I like this idea :smile:
The guy who did this, even has backings in cork! I think that should help control the slipperiness too, without roughing up your hand as much.

Here’s something else, anti-slip Stickers:
I know they have a different purpose but I’m guessing if you put them on a phone in a certain way they could also help increase your grip when you hold it in your hands.
Edit: after exploring their website a bit more. They actually do have those Stickers for the purpose of a better grip on the phone.

I use this one, very handy and safe. Good grip. Sticks well to the back of the phone.


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