Grip aid case for tremor

Hi, can anyone reccomend a way to make the FP2 easier to hold and grip? I struggle with holding it because it is a bit too big for my hands and I have a tremor and weak grip and I’m finding it hard to find cases online that are specifically made for FP2. Does anyone know if cases made for any other phone type are suitable? Thanks

Here’s a general discussion about cases for a start …

I don’ know, what cover Version you are having. In my experience, the early slim covers had a polished, slippery finish, while my new one is more velvety or kind of rough and less slippery.
I am just not sure if that would be enough of an improvement for you, should you have a slippery cover. Maybe you could check with one of the #fairphoneangels near you in that case.

Thanks AnotherElk, unfortunately that thread doesn’t really have what I’m looking for. I’m not really looking for a protective case, just something to make it easier to hold around the sides. I know other phone brands I’ve had have had cheap silicon wrappers available which have helped but I can’t seem to find anything for FP2 and the thread seems to suggest that FP have deliberately made the size of the FP so that it doesn’t fit in any other brand of phone case sizes, is that correct?"fairphone+2"

Thanks BertG, I have the new type of slimline case with a matte back but I still find it difficult to hold. I don’t really understand what the phone angels are, do I contact them directly?

Hello Emma,

Fairphone Angels are voluntary people, not paid by Fairphone, who try to help you with issues for your phone, e.g. software issues, questions regarding the phone, repairing the phone, or everything where you need to talk to local people.

You can have a look on if there are angels close to your location.

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Maybe a so-called “Pop Socket” might help?
This is a socket that is attached (with adhesive tape) to the back cover of the phone for better grip.


Another possible aid could be a mobile ring holder, that can be used for stand as well:

Amazon UK:

Amazon DE:


thanks everyone, does anyone have a definitive answer as to whether there is another brand of phone that is the same size as FP2?

I don’t think so, as the smartphone market is a bit too large and unclear to know the dimensions of each and every phone there is or has been in the not too long ago past.

Judging by the known facts, I have my doubts there is a kind of twin-phone (dimensionwise), as the FP2 is an independent development by Fairphone themselves. Differences between phones might be minmal, yet that migt be enough to make cases incompatible. Besides the obvious length/width/height there is especially the curve radius that needs to match.

If you want to give it a try, start, you have to compare “just” all the 5" phones. :wink:

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