Grey waves across display

In the last couple of days my FP3 has started displaying a wave of greyish light moving quickly up the display. It happens approximately every 20s (over 3 minutes I had intervals between 15 and 37 seconds, but mostly between 18 and 22). It looks like some kind of alert but there is no alert sound or message. I’ve not installed any new apps recently, the phone updated to Android 13 some time ago with no problems. The effect is really distracting. Any ideas?

And of course, now that I’ve written this report the phenomenon has stopped. I should add that it didn’t happen constantly, but it did go on for minutes at a time. It may only have occurred when the phone was charging, but I can’t confirm that. The phone was still charging when it stopped happening.

I’d still be interested in knowing what it was and whether it might happen again. And if it’s trying to tell me something!

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Could it be a problem with the connection inside? Did you try to clean the pins with alcohol?

I haven’t yet, but it does seem to be associated with a particular charger. I’m still trying to work that out. I notice that the phone sometime spontaneously wakes up when on charge as well.

OK, I’ve worked it out. The grey wave running up the screen of the FP3 happens when the screen is on and you put the phone on charge. With a modern 2.4A charger that’s fine. Using an older 1A charger is also normally fine but sometimes, when the phone is doing something or somethings and presumably using more power, the charging keeps stopping and starting again.

Interestingly this charger was fine with an FP2 but a new FP4 effectively refuses to charge from it at all - just flipping charge on and off every few seconds.