Green rust in the sim card slot

My Fairfone dropped into water two weeks ago. With drying I got it to work again. Today I restarted and suddenly I had no recognised SIM card.

Opening the Phone showed me green rust at SIM card slot #2. I switched from slot #1 to #2 a few months ago because slot #1 had a loose connection.

I guess I have to replace the module where the sim card slots reside or is there any option to try to reduce the green rust? If not which module do I have to replace and where can I get a replacement?

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For future ref, depending upon how it got wet the phone could do with a clean. I dropped a phone in the muddy river and had to wait for the tide to go out. Then after fishing for it and retrieval I washed it in clean rain water. I dried it for two days in a flow of air and never had a problem after that.

The sim slot is part of the main core module and is expensive to replace

So cleaning is the option as any warranty is void.

First try and find some small implement that can get in the slot, maybe a needle or better maybe a thin piece of sturdy plastic about 0.5mm thick. Rough it up with sandpaper and then wash and dry it. If you have or can get hold of the ‘card’ that sims come in which should be about 0.7mm.

Rough it up ~ drag the sandpaper across the plastic in such a way that it horizontal to the way it is be inserted. i.e. create lines in it to ‘friction’ away the rust.

Now slide it in and out of the slot to help clean it. Once you see some difference you will now want to remove any ‘green’ dust.

Use an alcohol that is over 80% for example that will bind with any water and contaminants.

Getting a piece of absorbent material in the slot is going to be difficult but find a way of doing it and ensure it all comes out.

Isopropyl Alcohol is a commercial cleaning agent but if you have mixing alcohol of 90% you can easily use that.

By the way where are you as you may be able to find help via a #fairphoneangel


Fantastic! This worked!


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