Green FP4 soft case temporarily out of stock

The green FP4 soft case is temporarily out of stock and I chose to register for the alert. But has anyone (by any chance) heard from FP when they might be back? Thanks!

it is back in stock and ready for purchase. I just did, but still think it is overpriced. there is just too little competition in the open market from alternative cases.

Maybe it’s not overpriced but reasonably priced if you take into consideration, that it is made in small batches from recycled material by workers earning higher wages than children in small unsafe factories, handling toxic materials.


I like and support the FP-idea and principles, I truly do. But paying close to €50 for the case (incl. delivery, as I can‘t purchase it around the corner) is rich for a few grams of molded, recycled plastic. I‘m not saying it should cost €5 from a sweatshop, but €50? Even handcrafted cases on Etsy are not much more expensive and I guess produced in much smaller quantities. But I know how an economy works (supply and demand forces) and since I paid the price, the product is „worth“ it. It just feels like a very expensive case for what it is.

On a sidenote: if one considers the FP4‘s price plus some accessories, one can wonder, if fairly priced products would be affordable for all people and whether FP will get the scale to either reap synergies and reduce their prices/improve software design or have an impact on other big players to improve the sustainability of their products. but that‘s a whole different discussion :wink:


It’s much cheaper from resellers for some odd reason I bought one in the UK for £28 delivered that’s around €33.50 still not cheap but still cheaper than direct


fyi: the case is not really green, rather turquoise and therefore not a perfect match for the green FP4.


I received an answer from support about my complaint. Apparently I got a bad model, which is going to be replaced.


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