Graphi UI App not responding

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Your problem isn’t something I have seen or heard of, have you searched the forum?

A few things to consider.

  • Clear the caches and storage of as many apps as you can.
  • Ensure if you have an SD card that it is formatted as Portable ~ you will see an eject icon via Settings > Storage. If not search the forum and see
  • Generally check how much memory you have on the internal, even 6GB is low
  • Ensure you have emptied the images bin
  • You can also check how much RAM is being used, another factor in ‘freezes’
  • Try using in safe mode for a while to see if that removes the problem which may indicate a custom app interference.

You say the system is up to date but that’s not really any help, which OS are you using and can you state the update version.

  • Which launcher do you use for the GUI, is it the default with the Google search bar at the bottom.
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