GrapheneOS support held back

Still trying to find my bearings outside of iOS, it seems that for a secure experience GrapheneOS is highly recommended. Yet, they stick close by to Pixel devices, this apparently due to Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repositories.

I cannot be sure if this is the only lacking requirement, but would like to know what else is holding back support, and why, if anybody knows.

Who are looking to for support ??

As I understand it the people at GrapheneOS won’t support the Fairphone, and AOSP is one of the reasons.

I cannot be sure, and am just checking to see what the actual issues are…

Why are you asking here at not those at Graphene, you seem to be well off track ?

or you can search here for other such

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GrapheneOS on the FP4 is not going to happen:

And if you value your time even a little I wouldn’t try asking the main dev about it, but if you like to get rants and drama thrown at you for entertainment, go ahead :smirk:


This was also a topic last year. Further down, it is about FP4. Further reasons are given there.


CalyxOS is planning to support the Fairphone 4. CalyxOS focuses on privacy so may be worth a look: Future device support


I’m used to that. I don’t want to waste his time, so anything that exists just pass to me and I’ll check out.

People get so easily offended these days.

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Yeah, I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill grumpy Open Source developer, who maybe doesn’t have the patience / tolerance to answer stupid questions in their free time or is a bit harsh towards newbies. This isn’t about people being “offended”.

Maybe have a look at this pull request which the main dev derailed, look at for example this twitter thread (one of many) or ask @TheLastProject how much “fun” it is to interact with them.

I’m not saying don’t use GrapheneOS, it’s clearly excellent software, just be mindful not to get sucked into that particular black hole.
Personally I’ve got better things to do, it’s starting to look nice and sunny outside :man_shrugging:


Well the lead dev of GrapheneOS certainly seems to get easily offended.

It all seems pretty harmless to me.

Some people are very demanding and some people are working their socks off, that’s not harmless it’s rude and unappreciative. Like children always asking their parents for this and that etc. but hey! children hopefully will learn via the feedback.

Like I said, it doesn’t phase me.

Perhaps others, maybe. But perhaps others are looking for a reason to be offended.

I thought it was about the people who do all the work on Graphene etc. not you ??

Well, this thread was supposed to discuss the reasons why GrapheneOS support on Fairphone was being held back.

Somewhere along the way someone got offended, which I don’t care about.

What I care about is why the Snowden recommended OS is not available on the device.

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If you don’t care about others, why exactly do you expect others to care about what you want?

The reason why GrapheneOS isn’t on the FP4 has been clearly laid out above, they won’t support it for technical reasons. No amount of pondering here will change that.
If you think that’s an oversight you’ll have to talk to the main developer and convince him otherwise.

Further discussion will just waste everyone’s time here, which you stated isn’t your style, so I consider this solved.


You seem to be repeating that you don’t care about what others think but luckily others do and so you get responses to your posts, but as mentioned you seem you don’t care about the responses and so at some point they will stop.

I never liked the word troll but your lack of care for the people that support you seems odd. I hope you will reconsider your approach to those around you.

I probably won’t respond and as you point out this has gone off topic and is not about Graphene, as you can contact them direct, it’s about you wanting this forums input. Well you have that. I won’t respond anymore so have a good evening or time.


By the way is there any truth to the statement that private keys for the Stock Rom are publicly available? That is a pretty bold statement. I can’t find anything about it.


Hello, I come from iOS (iPhone 11) and I recommend you the fairphone with iode is quite nice, it has an adblocker integrated and it comes with Android 12, which is quite good looking. Now… Some apps won’t work because they use microg. For example Google Pay. And some apps require to be whitelisted in iode’s adblocker (like FTX, otherwise it doesn’t work).
Also, the camera that comes with iode is weird AF. Some people use the Google Pixel camera (there’s an APK somewhere in this forum).


Hi and welcome to the forum and thanks for your vote on iode OS :slight_smile: