GPS turns on by itself always in the same neighbourhood

The GPS turns itself on whenever I get in the same neighbourhood. I usuallykeep it off as it’s a massive battery drain, but whenever taking the daily commute home, it starts turning itself on when I get within my neighbourhood and continues to turn itself back on unless I switch the phone off or put it in airplane mode until I’m off to work the next day.

What could be doing that?

PS, gps access history and battery history are missing in the settings, which would traditionally reveal the culprit.

I guess you enabled an option in an app that does something when you’re at or near home. And for better localization it switches from WiFi/GSM location to GPS.
Not a very precise answer, I know, but maybe by scrolling through your apps you remember something

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Yeah, I thought that until I went through every app in the library. I’d thought it could either be Google Maps or the JourneyPlanner, but neither of those have permissions granted activate gps. Currently just monitoring processes while in the area it seems to happen to see if I spot it.

Would be interesting to know what a couple of things that come pre-installed are about. There’s something called “Common Data Service” that has no author and no signature, but it’s sitting there with no force stop or disable option and has access to do anything on the mobile it likes. There are some other pretty curious ones, like MTKLogger and MTKThermal.

If anyone else has had this issue, would be good to know what it was if it wasn’t an App they installed themselves and had the settings to do that.

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