GPS not working on OSmAnd+

Hello, I have a FP2 with F-droid OS, when I try to use the GPS in OSmAnd+ it can not find my position, the message ‘position not yet known’ keeps coming up. The GPS icon is up at the the top of the phone so not sure what’s happening, does anyone have any experience of this?
Many thanks!!

That doesn’t exist. I guess you have Open OS with F-Droid?

In your location settings did you enable GPS and not just network location (=“battery saving” mode)?
In the #gpsguide you’ll find lots of tips.


Hi thanks, yes I guess Open OS with F droid is what I mean- I am borrowing this phone that was rigged up by a friend. Location is set to high accuracy. I will have a proper read of all the gps guide, definately looks like a learning curve!

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