GPS Glitches during run


Hey all, Have a new Fairphone 3, its a good phone, nice job

However having issues with GPS glitching, I used to do this run with my pixel 4 and with my pixel 4 I knew the exact 1km markers that it would notify me at. Doing the same run on my fairphone it is nowhere near as precise and has once or twice glitched out ~2km out of a 15km run.

Some small glitches at the start of this one, this is quite typical - 15.0 km Run Activity on July 19, 2020 by Dale H. on Strava

This happens occasionally, massive glitches - 15.0 km Run Activity on July 17, 2020 by Dale H. on Strava

The location and strava are all the same as the pixel 4 so I would expect fairphone to be able to get the same results, anecdotally sometimes I turn wifi off and I have noticed it be a little worse when wifi is off, but havent tested for sure.

Any suggestions or explanations welcome, happy to try and debug this. If fairphone is using Mozilla Location Services then I actually work for Mozilla on some geolocation related things so can definitely help out there

#!/bin/hi Dale,

I’m experiencing similar troubles with my FP3 GPS (New Camera+ and Top+ Module on my FP3: GPS broken - #4 by dyle71). I sense, that yours may suffer from the same cause.

Did you find any remedy?

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