GPS drains battery after charging, though it is disabled

when I have charged my FP , after i unplug it , in the “AKKU” ( Battery-Stats in English?)-Section in Settings i can see GPS active, but it is disabled and not working for apps. And it drains my Battery quickly. The solution is to enable GPS and run an App that uses it. After closing this App GPS isnt running anymore in the Battery-Stats… until i charge my Phone the next time.

I had this behavior in 1.6 and now with 1.8 too.
anyone else have this Problem?

Mmmh interesting, I’ve not seen this behaviour before and it doesn’t happen on my phone for sure.

Are there any apps that you have installed that might be causing this? If not you might need to do a hard reset to restore default configuration which I know isn’t the best of answers. Have you tried to do anything like this already?

Anyway for the time being I’ve moved this into the help category to see if others have this problem before we say it’s a bug as such.

i first thought of Tasker but i disabled tasker completely and it still did happen.

Is there any way to stop GPS from being switched on automatically (presumably by an app)? It’s no use when the phone is indoors & seems to be a huge drain on the battery. I keep switching it off in the Location Access of Settings, but sometimes it’s back on.

Seems you are not the only one with that problem. Maybe the two of you can figure out more? (I don’t see this behaviour.)

Dear All,

I have the same problem since one or two weeks. It keeps on starting itself again and again…
I have deleted all apps using GPS, GPS or course, weather, etc. but it is always the same.

Plus the GPS is working very badly, keeps on loosing itself, very inacurate, etc.

Any solution?
Thanks and regards

@hcalmon Does your phone really show the same behaviour as @drcyber’s? E.g. GPS drains your battery though it is disabled?

Can you solve it by activating GPS, running an app that uses it and disable GPS again?

PS: Have you tried installing Fairphone OS again?