GPS doesn't work while battery is charging

Hi Everybody,
I use my fairphone since september, and I’m quite happy about it.
But there is problems to improve. One of them is that my GPS stop to wrok when I plug my phone to charge it , so it’s really a difficutly because GPS use a lot of battery, so when I travel (and I have to for work) I need to charge it in my car !
Am I the only one to have this problem ? Someone did find a solution ?

In my car I use a stock 12V-to-USB adapter to charge the FP when using GPS for driving, and this regularly works for multiple-hour-long travels.
I can absolutely state that this charger presence doesn’t hamper my GPS reception.
Maybe consider changing your charger?

Also, given the relatively average GPS quality on the FP, you need to keep the phone quite close to windows in the car, or it’ll lose GPS signal -and this happens with or without charger : mine just won’t converge to a location, for instance, if I start GPS with the FP on my knees in the car.

There are indications that the charger can affect GPS, Wifi, and screen, see e.g. these threads:

Chris_R said:
@onno I have created your post as a new topic as this is a different problem. Some chargers have been known to cause this issue on the FP (and some other models of phones from Google searches). It is usually caused by unshielded chargers causing radio interference or from placing your phone on a surface that may make the issue worse. One guy reported on XDA that placing his phone on his bed caused this issue which was probably due to RF interference amplifies by the metal springs of the bed U…

If you have the opportunity to test another charger, maybe you can confirm or rule out that it’s your indivudual charger that is responsible.

I often use an external Bluetooth GPS as the internal one isn’t that good. See for instructions. I have had to use a slightly different app to the one suggested, as the one suggested somehow doesn’t always pick up the time from the GPS.