Fairphone, GPS and Navigation I've got it

First Problem:

The awful long time to get a GPS-Fix
There are multiple suggestions discussed in this forum and it seems, that they could solve this Problem.

Second Problem:

Navigating using any kind of Navigation Software leads to unaccurate position calculation.
This is a problem, that nearly drove me crazy, but i discovered a very strange but simple solution for that. First a small description of this Problem:
Many users of the FP make the experience, that the GPS-Navigation Software shows the wrong position while driving. Often you find yourself a hundred of meters near the road you are driving or it leads you through the fields. This phenomenon comes and goes unexpected and seems to be not reproducible. It took me hours and hours of testing and ended in a very great disapointment of the FP until i tried a very simple and strange trick: DISCONNECT the charging cable from the device, DO NOT charge it while navigating !! I know, it is unbelievable and sounds like another stupid idea, which are often published in the internet, but it works.
Without charging, the FP as a navigationsystem works like charm. Very accurate positioning, very fast recalculation of the route. At the moment, i plug in the charging adapter, everything runs out of order. Sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few minutes. Removing the charging cable again, the hole system behaves properly (sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few minutes). I tested it over and over again always with the same results. Whatever the reason is.
So get your FP fully charged before starting a trip and leave it uncharged while driving. The battery lasts a few hours and can be charged a bit while making a rest. This is of course a small disadvantage, but i can live with it.


There is also this Wiki-Post:

@kdh Maybe you can also incorporate your information into the guide. :blush:

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Thanks @kdh but that’s old news. It’s allready been discussed e.g. here and here.
I included the info in the above mentioned GPS Guide, but I guess we should try to get more attention to that post.

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