GPS Camera setting (Android 12)

Hi there,

I’m activating Localization on my FP4 only when I need it and I would like the default camera app to store the GPS data when my localization is active.

It’s working when I first activate the Localization then set “Save localization” ON in the Camera app. But let’s see another scenario :

  1. Activate Localization, set “Set localization” camera setting ON, take some pictures > GPS data OK
  2. Desactivate Localization, open camera, check parameters > “Set localization” is now OFF
  3. Activate Localization, open camera, check parameters > “Set localization” stays OFF…

My problem is that the default camera app is not saving my initial setting : it’s auto-disabling “Save localization” setting for good as soon as the camera is used one time without access to the position.

Am I alone to get this problem ? It would be better to have a setting “Save localization if available” independent from the activation or not of the Localization on the phone.

Note that with OpenCamera app, I don’t have this problem : it’s collecting the GPS datas when it is available and I don’t have to check the settings each time I’m using the camera.

Thanks for your responses !

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