GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi not working well after dropping phone

hi all, my wife’s phone broke some time ago because of an unfortunate event, her bag dropped from quite a height and the phone was (2 weeks after receiving it) bend in a 15 degrees angle. After bending back the outer aluminium casing, and replacing the screen (which was shattered), the phone seemed to be working again. But quite soon we found out that many of the key functionalities were not functioning properly. Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth all work, but in a very limited fashion. The signals of all these components are so weak that it renders them useless.

Any ideas? Should I replace the motherboard? That would mean an entirely new phone right? Or can these things be fixed? Any suggestions are welcome. Also if I need to make pictures let me know.

You cant replace the core module by yourself this would need to be done by the repair center and yes its more or less a new phone and I think its the core module that needs replacement.

Its not listed here

Not sure if anyone knows where the antenna are located as there is no ifixit teardown showing it.Maybe ask support although I’m not sure they will tell you without a bit of push if at all.

As warranty is mostlikely gone due to the fall: In case you are adventurous you could open it completely (you need Torx 5 for this) or probably check if you have a good repair center/cafe close who could help you with this…

Have you checked if all the little golden contacts on the side(s) of the different modules have proper contact to the frame? Not :100:% sure, but I believe those segmented parts of the frame are part of the antenna assembly, maybe @anon9989719 can help here :thinking:

Otherwise I’m with @yvmuell, if it’s an issue with the core module, you’ll have to #contactsupport

just a check question: is the frame also important for radio reception? Because it was severely damaged but I managed to bend it back to (somewhat) normal so the new screen fitted. Is it a possibility that a new frame would solve the issue? Thanks for the tips by the way, I will look into them this week.

It’s serving some sort of function, otherwise the modules wouldn’t be electrically connected to it, but I’m really not sure what it does exactly :see_no_evil:

The problem is, if your issues are caused by the frame, that is basically the core module, so it’s not available as a spare part.

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