GPS always active since 1.8.5 update?

Since the 1.8.5 update i just recognize that the GPS Signal seems always to be active.
Normaly the GPS signal is off, I only use it, when I use a map.

On the battery chart, it seems that the GPS signal is always active
(and I know that I didnt use it al least for three days) and the GPS is switched off.

What do I have to do to switch the GPS signal off?

Thanks for help.

I filed this from the Software category into the Help category because it seems to be a problem specific to you.

I don’t experience this behaviour. Thus I doubt it being related to the update to 1.8.5. See:

Maybe an app is constantly polling for your location?

I believe that alone shouldn’t cause this behavior if your GPS is switched off but maybe in combination with allowing mock locations in developer options?


Thank you. Yes, indeed I have checked the “falsche Standorte zulassen” in the developer options.

Now, I unchecked it. I have to wait and check the battery Stats in a few hours.


Same again. I rebooted the device and activated GPS for a short time.
Then I switch off GPS, and…

it looks like GPS is active, but any GPS app (e.g. Locus) says, that GPS is switched off.

How can I be sure, that there is no background process active?

So the “GPS aktiv” in your “Aktivitätsanzeige” is reversed? (black is when GPS is active and blue when it’s deactivated?)

No, it should be blue when active, but it is always blue after activating (and deactivating).

According to GPS status app, GPS is switched off,

but in the battery Stat is looks like being switched on.

I suffer also this problem for some months; it seems related to opening SatStat application after a reboot (or when Android garbage collector closes the app for long inactivity); the steps to reproduce are:

  1. activate GPS (this causes the location service of SatStat starting check for a fix);
  2. click on the notification to open SatStat;
    2b) [not mandatory and not important] close SatStat (simply close, not terminating from Applications settings)
  3. deactivate GPS;
    After step 3) I see GPS Active always on.

I can’t remember when the problem occurred for the first time, or if it is due to 1.8.5 upgrade, but for sure this doesn’t affect so much battery life, so it seems to be a simple false notification.
Bye! :smile:

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Funnily this happens for the first time for me today. I switched back and forth from OsmAnd and SatStat, and suddenly I wasn’t getting a fix anymore although there was the notification, of “location determined”. So it certainly prevented a real fix in OSMAnd and I had to do a restart to solve the issue.

Well I didn’t notice any issue in getting a fix even with SatStat or with Osmand, for me the fix is about random, sometimes I get it in seconds, while there are situations when I have to wait for minutes; I also have GSMLocation backend active, but it seems there are situations (outside, sunny day) when I get no GPS signal…
However I don’t think it is due to this strange behavior with GPS always active…
Bye! :slight_smile: