GPS activates itself (Drei Austria / Italy)

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Unfortunately I experience the same problem:

  • GPS gets switched on after I switch on Mobile Data
  • FP1U
  • using only one SIM card
  • Austrian network provider Drei
  • first occurred around Jan 15th 2017
  • I did not install any new apps for several weeks before this started
  • but I regulary update the installed apps (could therefore be an update issue; but it seems the problem occurs only in Austria? So maybe not)
  • two days after the problem started, I switched off every GPS permission I could find in the Settings, but it did not solve the problem (and I have been using the FP since 2014 with several permissions for apps active without GPS problems before)
  • the problem occurs even when I close all apps before I switch on Mobile Data (though I noticed that in Settings / Apps / Running I can still find a few apps running, like Fairphone updater, various Google apps like Playm Google Services etc., Battery warning, Telegram, Contacts, but no apps I would expect to use GPS data)

Hope this can be solved soon…



If one of you attends our next Austrian Fairphoners meetup we can do some debugging. It sounds as if this was easily reproducible.


I experienced the same on my FP2. I checked in the location settings and found out that the “dialer” app - the phone app itself - was the culprit. This felt very dodgy to me, because I had a sense someone wants to track me. I was probably right with this assumption, and the “someone” being “the usual one” - means Google, because since I am using a completely Google free phone - FP Open, no GAPPs installed, I have not experienced that again.


Hi there - I have the same problem (also Drei AT and FP1) :frowning:

It’s even worse with me because GPS automatically switches on when I just make a phone call.

Have to switch it off manually all the time.


@Rene_Sendlhofer has opened a bug report (Thank you!):


Let’s collect all we know about this in the wiki post you can find there (not editable by new users).


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This is probably because the call is routed over 3G. If you want to verify this, you can disable 3G by going to Settings > [Wireless & Networks] More… > Mobile Networks > 3G > Enable 3G > Off. Obviously, you’ll want to re-enable this after testing if you ever use mobile data.

As for this suddenly appearing: It could be that Drei has starting using their frequencies in a different manner than they were doing before. As said, I can’t figure out what the exact problem is, and as I’m not experiencing the same issue, I can’t really help beyond this…


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Even rang 3 - they say it’s definitively not them. They blame the satelite - unfortunately they don’t have their contact details :wink:



I have the same problem with my FP1. GPS turns on automatically although all GPS settings are turned off.
I also use it with the Austian provider Drei and the problem occured first last week on January, 18th.

I hope there will be a solution soon.



just learned from neighbour that he has it too - but he is with telering


So it’s not just my phone!
I have the same problem with the GPS on my FP1, since about ten days. I’m also with Drei in Austria, and I have all access to GPS turned off on the phone, in settings, in camera, on all apps where possible, and the time is set to network not GPS.
Still whenever I access my network internet, the GPS turns itself on and stays on until I manually turn it off.
I haven’t recently added any apps, but I did disable Google news.
would love to hear if there is a solution to this!
many thanks,