Gps Accuracy Problem

Hi guys,
I’ve been recently using OpenStreetMap and everything works great, but when i try to get my location things get tricky;first of all i need to locate myself using SatStat (otherwise my position is unkown) and then when osm gets my location is not steady but is always swinging from left to right: even if i am stilll the phone shows movement.
I tried to switch into “High Accuracy” but nothing changed.What can i do about it?
I am testing this on Fairphone Open OS.


As you’re using Fairphone Open OS, maybe your bug related to this one?

Note that location should work fine using the GPS…

I don’t have Unified installed…should i use it?

Well I think it could worth a try if your location problems occur in places where there’s no, or bad, GPS connection… but you have to follow steps explain here (or the ones explain in the bugtracker link above) to UnifiedNlp to work…

Hope this help

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