Got my fp5 a couple of days ago, but battery health shows 92

When I just powered on my new fp5, I immediately noticed in my settings > battery & charging > battery health that my fp5 has the “state of health” 92 (I assume 100 is the ideal case, correct me if I am wrong).

Is it normal to have such number for a new product?

wvery battery degrade over time. mayve that its default lvl of healt in your phone. check on it later tell use if its much worse or not

With the firmware that was up-to-date during the release I had a battery health of 100. That decreased when I installed the current firmware and is at 98 for me now. 92 seems low to me, but maybe use it for a few days and keep an eye on it, maybe it’ll even go up again or this indicator doesn’t show anything useful at all…

I have had a phone for almost a month now and still on 100 per cent health, just for comparison

My wife just got a FP5. I love the new battery health features, ability to see battery health and the number full charging cycles and optimize battery health by limiting full charge to 80 % and charging speeds.

My brother’s had his FP5 for 2 months now, though, and it shows only 4 full charging cycles in the battery health overview. There’s definitely more than 4 cycles done, so there seems to be either something off with the counter or it has been reset at some point. He has a bad habit of using the phone until the battery dies. Any ideas if this might cause the the counter to reset? Would be a bit disappointing if the charge cycle counter can’t be trusted.

I doubt that anyone except for Fairphone themselves can tell how this counter works exactly. I just checked my counter and it’s currently at 30 cycles and a battery health of 99% which might be approximately right for my phone that was delivered a few days after release.
I don’t know how the counter handles the case of a battery being removed and reinserted, though…

Hi and welcome,
battery health was broken from the beginning and some improvements were made, however will never be 100% correct. Has your brother alrady the latest update installed?

He has, he installed it 2 weeks ago. In theory, it might be possible that the update would’ve reset the counter, but I think he has had more than 4 charge cycles after the update.

I would rather use the App AccuBattery to review battery health.

And just to ensure: the latest update was rolled out only 6 days ago…

Well, seems he hadn’t installed the latest update. And thanks for the app recommendation, I installed it on my FP4 and it seems it can give me quite extensive hardware information about the battery.

I wouldn’t trust AccuBattery, it’s got fewer permissions that the system app has, and all it does is some approximation based on how long it took to charge the phone and such.

Just for the sake of completeness: A charging cycle is a full 100% charge in one gear… it doesn’t matter whether it was once from 0 - 100 or 4 times from 75 - 100. This means that not every charge (even if it was a large one) causes a cycle.


An update to the charging cycle counter issue:

The counter seems to reset every time the battery is physically removed from the phone. It almost makes sense, given how easy it is to change the battery for a new one. I think it’d be more useful feature if it required manual reset so users don’t accidentally reset the counter. Most of the users probably drive multiple batteries.

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…the counter was in the battery for this feature to work best, but until now I think - except for the NFC antenna - the battery is a battery without any memory or other features.

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