Got my fp5 a couple of days ago, but battery health shows 92

When I just powered on my new fp5, I immediately noticed in my settings > battery & charging > battery health that my fp5 has the “state of health” 92 (I assume 100 is the ideal case, correct me if I am wrong).

Is it normal to have such number for a new product?

wvery battery degrade over time. mayve that its default lvl of healt in your phone. check on it later tell use if its much worse or not

With the firmware that was up-to-date during the release I had a battery health of 100. That decreased when I installed the current firmware and is at 98 for me now. 92 seems low to me, but maybe use it for a few days and keep an eye on it, maybe it’ll even go up again or this indicator doesn’t show anything useful at all…

I have had a phone for almost a month now and still on 100 per cent health, just for comparison